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Hi i'm new! [22 Nov 2004|07:10pm]

[ mood | lonely ]

Hi! My name is amber and Im new here!
I found this community by putting in a search for sock monkeys on interests. let me tell you why.
My birthday is December 1st (not too much longer till i'm 17! w00t) and I don't have any relatives who know how to make a sock monkey.
I used to have one when i was a little girl...and i loved it. I named it Peepi. but, *cries* it was lost forever when my mother accidentally put it in a box she was storing stuff to use for a yard sale one saturday! :*(
I would be so grateful if someone would send me my very own sock monkey for my birthday...and, i would even appreciate a simple letter if no monkey...I love getting even the tiniest letter and i dont really get any mail from real people. will someone cure my dilemma?

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I will be king of the world. At some point. Be warned. [12 Aug 2004|05:08pm]

[ mood | Evil ]

Hi, my names is Steve and Im an evil science type sock monkey if ever there was one.
Read about my time travel adventures at my *ahem* I mean, Pollys, journal.
Also a cartoon episode of "science steve is evil" coming soon.
But thats a secret... so *shush*

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Monkey is the measure of man [23 Aug 2002|07:10pm]

Hey man, where are all the monkeys?
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Check it out!! :D [12 Jul 2002|07:57pm]

Super Deluxe Toast!
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[18 Jun 2002|04:37pm]

hiya! i just joined and i wanted to say hello to y'all! ook!
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[23 May 2002|02:34pm]

Hmmm... I think this is definitely my kind of place :)
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Hey! [03 May 2002|06:51pm]

Leesie Girl says: Oh, wow, I must be a part of this community!

Sock Monkey says: Hey! Hey! Cool! hey! Glad to meet you!!!
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[17 Apr 2002|11:46pm]


we are not both sock monkeys, but i (pete) am.
lucy is a little white pup. she is sad that there is no community for little white pups.
i am happy to meet other sock monkeys.
this is me with lucy.

be friends with us.
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YAY!!!!!!!!! [01 Nov 2001|06:30pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I am now very proud to say that I am a member of this BEAUTIFUL community!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with me in my pic is Constable Small and he is glad to meet everyone as well!!

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[04 Oct 2001|05:13pm]

i noticed you have 'monkeys' on your list of interests. i don't because i am a monkey, and i'm not too interested in myself, although i do like to throw my own poop sometimes if that counts. i just began here on this live journal.. ..the people in the white coats say i have to do it.. some kind of 'research experiment' whatever that means. ...i'd rather scratch myself, but everytime i do this they give me something to eat, and since i like eating, i figure it's a win/win situation. i just wish they didn't think i was so stupid. they treat us like crap, really.. just because we can't speak their language that means they're more evolved than us. whatever.. remember mr.Ed.. he was a smart fuckin horse.. and the monkeys you see on tv, they're geniuses.. although i myself wouldn't do the tv think, it's kind of embarrassing i think.. but have you seen the one where that schizo lookin monkey is driving a car and he's wearing overalls and a hat, that's my cousin, barney... he wen't crazy after that and they keep him locked up now.

anyway, check out my 'journal'

i_monkey ...there's just one entry so far, but i'll be posting in it quite frequently, so tell all your friends about it. the more people who add me to their friends list, the more of those tasty bananna bites they give me....
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hey... [28 Jun 2001|05:18pm]

[ mood | devious ]

whats up? man whats with the pink? any ladies out there?

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[26 Jun 2001|04:41pm]

Sock monkeys unite!!
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[26 Jun 2001|11:27am]

silly cloth monkeys.
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[26 Jun 2001|11:26am]

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[26 Jun 2001|11:25am]

i am not made out of a sock, i hope that this will be okay!
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[26 Jun 2001|11:23am]

yo pinky, im here!
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[26 Jun 2001|11:19am]

just thought id give a shout out to my p33ps.
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