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Hi i'm new!

Hi! My name is amber and Im new here!
I found this community by putting in a search for sock monkeys on interests. let me tell you why.
My birthday is December 1st (not too much longer till i'm 17! w00t) and I don't have any relatives who know how to make a sock monkey.
I used to have one when i was a little girl...and i loved it. I named it Peepi. but, *cries* it was lost forever when my mother accidentally put it in a box she was storing stuff to use for a yard sale one saturday! :*(
I would be so grateful if someone would send me my very own sock monkey for my birthday...and, i would even appreciate a simple letter if no monkey...I love getting even the tiniest letter and i dont really get any mail from real people. will someone cure my dilemma?
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